Bulk Email Marketing

Bulk Email Service India he main objective of marketing is to attract customer’s interest and generate leads for your products or services. Email marketing has been so far the best promotional tool around. It is much cheaper and ROI is best amongst all promotional tools available. It is also immediate and faster than traditional bulk postage mail or traditional advertising. With ability to combine with social media its ROI is further increased.

Bulk email marketing can be used in many different ways like

  • Promotion for new products or services to new or existing customer
  • Periodic News letter to existing customers
  • Acquiring new customers through sales promotion
  • Increase traffic to your website and get business leads

ZS Microtech provides the best and most effective email marketing platform. With years of experience our professional team is handling 500+ customers and providing state-of-art support and solution in email marketing. We provide following features which makes the email marketing very easy to understand and manage.

  • Create multi channel email campaigns
  • Customer list segmentation
  • Scheduling of each campaigns
  • Graphical analytical reports for each campaigns
  • API and Social media integrations
  • Ready to use templates

Email Marketing Servers

ZS Microtech also provides email marketing servers where any company can do regular email blasting in large numbers. Dedicated email servers are suitable for large volumes. These servers have 99.99% uptime and can be used to send millions of email addresses at one go. Contact Us for best price.

ZS Microtech customer list includes

  • Home shop 18
  • TVC sky shop
  • Radio one
  • Kotak bank
  • & 500+ customers