Flash & Multimedia

Flash and Multimedia service India At first stage we dedicate a great amount of time to understand the custom requirements of our customers. After understanding the whole concept, we start design and development process within strict quality standards. After finalizing it we start testing to avoid any errors with the same. In this whole process we ensure the timely delivery and the finished application.

Flash is the tool, which creates particular animated movie including audio and video effects to convey the information easily and in the sound way.

Z.S.Microtech has Animation experts to create effective and decent animation. Z.S.Microtech has the expertise over Flash Animation tools to give new identity to clients requirements.

Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia presentation service Multimedia Presentation Design includes utilization of various tools & technologies like flash, graphics, texts, audio-video, still images, animations etc. Z.S.Microtech offers Multimedia Presentation design professionally to its global clients. Designing of various types of presentations is our specialty; our Multimedia presentation designing includes flash presentations and CD presentations. Z.S.Microtech utilizes tools & technologies in the designing of effective multimedia presentation for areas like: Engineering Industry, Medical Industry, Entertainment & Arts etc.