Meet our Founders - People behind ZS Microtech Private Limited

Mr. Sikander Manihar ( Director & Chief Technical Officer )

Sikander Manihar is an outstanding person with strong business acumen and effective leadership qualities and is the Founder and Director of our company. He is efficiently handling all senior management roles involving Technical, finance, corporate planning and other involved chain functions.

It is only his true devotion and diligence that elevated ZS Microtech Private Limited to its corporate status it holds in IT world today. It is his deep vision and managerial ability that is driving the entire ZS Microtech Private Limited team to run as a single unified family.

He is also the Chief Technical Officer and successfully handled all the major technical projects and delivered the best solutions to our clients. With his years of experience our Technical department is the best and thus delivers the best quality products to our clients.

Mr. Irshad Manihar ( Sales & Marketing Director )

Mr. Irshad has more than 4 years of functional industry experience and at a young age of 30, he has served in many management roles at leading Marketing and Global supply chain firms, and has been with ZS Microtech Private Limited for the past 3 years, and has typically headed the Marketing dealings in virtually all of ZS Microtech Private Limited businesses.

His responsibilities embrace overall corporate development, identifying global markets, making strategic partners, enhancing sales, strategic planning, client affiliation, administration, and superiority process enhancement.